Interview with PR and marketing consultant Regina Sadykova: Metaverse and Web3 are not the same

TechBullion: The world is heading crazy about Net3, Metaverse, and NFTs. But a lot of men and women are even now bewildered: why have these buzzwords grow to be so common and what do they in fact indicate?

So, let us get started with the thought of World-wide-web 3. It is also typically termed the following technology of the net, where people are in manage of their creations and they personal them. One of the principal propositions of Web3 is the chance for persons to management just about every part of their on the net presence, together with their data, digital identification, and the content material they produce. So, the principle of Internet 3 implies proudly owning, controlling, and monetizing material utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Net 2 is the online as we know it now, which relies upon on centralized suppliers. For occasion, the Instagram submit you develop is not truly yours, it belongs to the platform. Exact with the online games: gamers use to obtain digital assets in the activity that they essentially really do not possess. Today, with decentralization and NFTs, it modifications. Men and women can truly acquire electronic property in the online games in the type of NFTs.

The Metaverse, on the other hand, is the notion of the World wide web of digital worlds. Even however the phrase by itself became well-known following Zuckerberg bought obsessed with the thought of the Metaverse and even renamed Fb into Meta, the principle was to begin with described in a 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.” Considering that then, there have been many tries to establish virtual worlds, but it is only a short while ago that we have gotten severe about mass adoption thanks to more refined and reasonably priced hardware, adoption of the Metaverse is a lot more sensible these days. There are various so-called “virtual worlds’ ‘ these kinds of as Roblox, Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and many others.

So, Metaverse and World wide web3 are not the very same, but they definitely compliment each other.

TechBullion: You are a marketing and advertising consultant for NFT and blockchain tasks. How did you get involved with all of these?

Oh, I have been in this place considering that 2017. I even recall CryptoKitties and the ICO boom. I survived that and the crypto-wintertime. So, by now I can be regarded as as an OG, as they say. Jokes aside, I have usually been really fascinated in tech and I appreciate to be an early adopter. Back again in 2016, my customers commenced inquiring for assist with the marketing of their blockchain-related items, I had to dig in and find out a lot about crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. Again then NFTs had been not so significant, but it was a thing new and not explored.

TechBullion: Do you think that the metaverse is the long run?

Well, I consider that the Net as we know it right now definitely will evolve. Also, the Metaverse will turn out to be a part of the new typical, but it will not materialize right away. We are even now really early into the Metaverse, and technologies nonetheless requirements to establish in advance of it will turn into an integral aspect of our life.

TechBullion: What do you assume about digital products?

Primarily electronic real estate and land. I read that some folks favor getting properties or lands in virtual worlds about the genuine types.

Yes, but you should hold in intellect that individuals are very distinct kinds of traders. Yes, obtaining digital serious estate could sound crazy, due to the fact it is a novel thought and a new market. We have operational and valuation data on actual physical real estate, proven policies of the industry, and it’s a tangible asset. What are you attaining when acquiring electronic land? Pixels! This seems severe, but essentially, it can be very profitable. Search at the Crypto Punks that is a terrific case study! Individually I am very enthusiastic about electronic assets, but at the similar time we are in a Wild West when it will come to electronic investments. On a single hand, we have a lavish digital yacht bought for $650,000 the metaverse for the online recreation The Sandbox, on the other hand, $3 million value of BAYC NFTs were being just lately stolen. As with any industry, early adopters facial area the highest pitfalls but also have the potential for high benefits. I am especially bullish about combining true-environment products with electronic kinds. For illustration, we are now looking at physical residences being bought together with their electronic twins in the Metaverse. Also, I am a massive supporter of digital vogue. The strategy of getting distinct seems to be every working day devoid of obtaining to purchase and keep a large amount of garments looks extremely fascinating to me. It is eco-pleasant, due to the fact clothes is digital, it cuts out the producing and production air pollution, as perfectly as the throw-absent cycle most clothing go via at the time we’re carried out with them.

TechBullion: Do you trade NFTs/electronic goods you?

Definitely! I commit in NFTs and also like to purchase them as presents for my digitally literal buddies.

TechBullion: What are your favorite initiatives you are doing work on right now?

As a advisor, I’m concerned with a lot of crypto-connected jobs, but my favorite a single is about the local community. Suitable now in collaboration with my amazing friend Stephan Morris who has been in the hospitality market for several years. We are doing the job on a membership job known as Silicon Culture. It’s considerably equivalent to Soho House and Neuhouse, but our purpose is to build a sturdy crypto-local community of good quality folks. As we see it, the Society will exist not only as a digital local community, but also as an true place to gather and exchange thoughts for Crypto leaders, digital artists, musicians, crypto-lovers, developers, and visionaries. We have started partnering with Miami-primarily based venues and are now ready to deliver crypto-associates onboard.


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