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More people are learning about the advantages of beginning an Amazon FBA business in 2021. On Amazon, anyone can establish a business that generates high-level, consistent income in a relatively short period. Getting started can be difficult, but there are several excellent tools available to assist you with optimizing your business. Although it’s easy to locate a list of the best Amazon FBA seller tools online, not all of them are designed for beginners. Below is the list of Top 5 Tools for Amazon.

  1. camelcamelcamel

This tool provides many resources and information for Amazon FBA sellers and is especially beneficial to those just getting started. It’s simply a website offering instructions, news, tips, add-ons, and downloads to assist you with your Amazon FBA business (free membership registration required). An added plus is that it is entirely free!

  1. Keyword 

Keyword is a keyword research tool created exclusively for Amazon sellers. Keyword tracking is vital since having the proper keywords in your listing is critical for Amazon SEO, ranking at the top of Amazon user searches. This is significant since it implies that more potential clients will notice your listing, boosting the likelihood of a sale. As a new seller, it’s critical to be on top of keywords as soon as possible, and a tool like this can help you do so rapidly. Keyword charges a monthly subscription cost, including ongoing support, training, and lessons. Many people will think it’s worth the money.

  1. Amazon Seller App

This is a free tool that will assist you with your retail arbitrage. Its primary purpose is to scan products and offer you a proposed selling price as an FBA seller. This app is simple, but it’s an excellent way to get started. It’s a terrific way to get a feel for Amazon FBA without having to put any money down because it’s entirely free. This is an excellent method to “test the waters” of Amazon FBA selling.

  1. Octoparse

For both Windows and Mac users, it’s an entirely free web crawler program for scraping data from Amazon. Octoparse can extract product details, customer reviews, and profiles, among other things. This web crawler also includes built-in Amazon web scraping templates with pre-set extraction data fields as an added benefit. Without coding or configuration, Amazon sellers can benefit from the simplicity of data scraping. At your fingertips, you may evaluate data in Excel/HTML/CSV and determine the best market plan for your company. On YouTube, check out their super-easy-to-follow eBay scraping video lesson.

  1. AMZ Finder

Customer reviews are another crucial factor to consider as an Amazon FBA vendor. Customer reviews are essential for optimizing your listing in Amazon searches and persuading potential buyers to purchase (also known as conversion rate optimization or CRO). AMZ Finder automates obtaining reviews by sending 500 free emails every month. There are paid programs that allow you to send more emails, but 500 per month should suffice for a novice seller.

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