What Should You Look For When Reading a Hubspot CMS Review?

Why and when to use HubSpot's CMS? | by Bhumin Vadalia | Medium

You’re in the market for a content management system solution, so that means comparing different options. One that has caught your eye is the HubSpot Hub. How do you know this one is a good fit? By choosing to read a Hubspot CMS review or two, you will learn a few things that will help you decide. Here are some suggestions on what to look for as you read a review or two.

Tools to Help Build Different Types of Pages

Layouts for different types of pages is a great resource to have on hand. Next to the content itself, this is easily one of your most important tools. What you want is access to a reasonable number of templates that will work in different environments. 

Some will be fine for website pages. Others are suitable for landing pages, or for creating blog posts. Along with the provided templates, the ability to customize or even create a new template is something you want to look for in those reviews. 

Ease of Social Media Integration and Management

Your CMS solution should allow you to make the most of your social media presence. That means being able to deploy posts on those accounts with relative ease. While you always want the ability to customize the posts based on the nature of the social media network, you’ll be surprised at how often a single post will work equally well on multiple sites.

Ideally, you will also have the ability to create and schedule posts for deployment in advance. This is a great way to make sure those accounts don’t remain free of new content while you are on a vacation or otherwise engaged in activities that don’t involve work. 

Tracking Resources

As you look at the current Hubspot CMS review on your screen, see what it has to say about the ability to track your posts. You want to have some idea of how often they are being viewed, how they are shared, and even if they are being quoted in some other online post. In short, you want to know more about the reach each of your efforts are generating. 

This is helpful in terms of knowing what sorts of content tends to appeal to your target audience. If some topics tend to resonate more with others, they can provide the basis for more posts or articles. 

eCommerce Solutions That You Can Use

Does the review mention anything about ecommerce solutions? If your business sells anything online, this is something that you want to delve into a little deeper. This is especially true if you’re thinking about making change to the way that you sell online. 

Look closely at how the system can aid in display, cart management, tracking available inventory,  offering secure checkouts, and even order tracking. There may be more help there than you anticipated. In fact, a CMS solution with this type of support will go a long way toward simplifying the ability to operate a B2B or B2C site. 

Consider the idea of making a short list of features or qualities that you consider important with content management systems. Keep it handy as you read reviews and see how the product matches up with your expectations. You may come across one that is exactly what you want to help with your online efforts.


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