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What is an open-source Low Code Platform? - Planet Crust

Traditional software development approaches are complex and difficult to use. Some open source low code application development platforms provide free source code. It is also accessible to download for free. That’s why it is an easy alternative to the traditional software development method. The users can edit and upgrade the code accordingly.  

The authors are usually part of a community or group. They make the source code available to others. The code can be viewed, copied, altered, learned, or shared by the users. There is a family of tools that connect the ends on the development and deployment of software using a visual interface.

Usually, it is the drag-and-drop approach that will allow you to program in action. The node-based approach is also used sometimes. Both methods provide access to functions using flow charts and other diagrams.

The Statistics of the Open Source Platforms:

The numbers on the stats of open-source platforms are very high. The market is expected to reach $50B by 2k26. Also, 75% of large enterprises are predicted to be using the open-source platform.

They are expected to use at least four low-code development tools for IT applications and web or app development. These numbers gave an impression that an open-source low code development platform will open doors to a digitalized world of businesses.

The Demand for Low Code Application Development Platforms in the IT Industry:

Low-code platforms have made application development faster and free of errors. That’s why IT teams consider this platform. It has removed the struggle of intense line-by-line coding. Instead, we now have visual tools that can be dragged and dropped. Open source low code application development platforms have also allowed citizen developers to build their apps.

With the access that this platform has given to its users, users can overcome shadow IT. Users can build and manage their software. There’s no need to have expert knowledge or control of IT. Fast production of applications has enabled IT teams to stay on the top.

Low Code Vs. Open Code – What to Choose?

The greater advantage of open source is that it is free of cost. You can download and run it on your server. The platform has allowed programmers to build their customized applications. The software can be released by a company that does not intend to sell it. So there are also options of free trials before paying for additional features.

Final Verdict:

The solutions of open source low code application development platforms and no-code are not new. It is the emergence of the latest technologies that have accelerated operations in the workplace. This recent phenomenon has taken over our strategic meetings and development charts.

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