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Landing pages are great prime opportunities to convert the visitors of your website into leads. So, to increase your conversion rate, your landing page design should provide a smooth user experience. Landing page optimization takes time and skill. If you want to get more sales and generate more leads, you need to know what you are doing in your web design.

Keep these web design tips in mind when creating your landing page:

Plan Your Layout

Regardless of the objective, include the following elements on your landing page:

A headline

A short description of your offering

A lead-capture form

Relevant images


Determine Your Landing Page Goal

Landing pages exist to get conversions moving. Determine what type of conversion do you want to propel? Some common conversion goals are:

  • Build brand awareness. This involves growing your email subscriber list and building a relationship with these individuals through your content and products or services, eventually bringing in customer growth and a loyal following.
  • Lead generation. It gathers the contact information of prospects interested in your offerings so you can then follow up.
  • Sales. It facilitates quick purchases by featuring a specific product and provides users with the opportunity to add to a cart or buy without the need to leave your landing page.

Defining your landing page goal is crucial to the planning process, as it will influence your web design.

Focus on Above-The-Fold Positioning

It is best to keep the valuable information and CTA at the top of the webpage. By doing this, you ensure that no matter where the fold is, visitors can get a vital snapshot of what you are offering and can take action.

But, it does not necessarily mean that your landing page cannot have content below the fold. Although the main goal for above-the-fold information is to attract interest, you want visitors to keep scrolling for more.

Have an Enticing Offer to Increase Conversion

Keep the attention and focus of your visitors by removing the exit opportunities on your web design Brisbane. However, luring them with something special helps ensure a high conversion rate. In exchange for an email address, offer a discount, a free trial, an ebook, etc. Make sure the content offer relates to your brand.

As soon as you have convinced users about your offer, do not instantly give them a long lead-capture form, as it may dissuade them from converting. Instead, make your form short, asking for only a full name and an email address. Depending on your landing page goal, of course, a little more information is useful sometimes. However, your offer should be really worth the exchange.

Give Importance to Your Visuals

People typically process images much faster than text, so adding them to your web design works to your advantage. The images you use for your landing page must be attention-grabbing and complement your brand in visual form. You can embed a video on your page as another visual element. Videos are useful for demonstrating complex offerings such as software.

No matter the kind of visual elements you use, put one above the fold. You may use below-the-fold real estate to showcase your offering, but remember not to go overboard.

Moreover, your visuals should be responsive on mobile devices. Optimizing your landing page for mobile requires some effort. But, when your conversion rates significantly increase, you will not regret you took the time.

Use Campaign-Specific Landing Page

Decide how you plan to get your landing page in front of your target market. Is it through a monthly newsletter, email marketing, social media, or Google Ads? 

If you want more than one of these marketing strategies, it is best to create individual landing pages for every channel. This can help you track which traffic sources are effective or a failure. If you opt for a per-traffic source route, keep the design of your landing page similar to the source. For example, if you use an Instagram Ad featuring an image and headline, incorporate those design elements on the landing page of your Instagram campaign.

Keep Copy Concise

When it comes to the description and headline of your web design, focus on short and to the point messaging. This is because it is vital for the user experience. The average attention span of a human is about eight seconds. Your focus should be stating how your offering can benefit them in simple, plain language. You can always elaborate below the fold.

Limit Exit Opportunities and Distractions

One of the best practices for landing page design is to reduce exit opportunities. With this, get rid of the navigation bar on your web design. Also, do not include any external or internal links. You want your visitors to focus solely on filling out your lead-capture form and generate a conversion.

If you want to incorporate social sharing buttons, place them below the fold. This allows your content to be shared across various social media platforms. On the other hand, you may opt to exclude them to limit exit opportunities entirely. Consider running an A/B test between your landing pages to find out if adding social sharing buttons has a justifiable return on investment.

Display a Powerful Call to Action

Your CTA is an important element of your landing page. It is what your visitors click after filling out a lead-capture form. 

A CTA design should have clearly legible font and be consistent with other fonts used on your web design. But, it has to be slightly bigger than your description text. In regards to colour, contrasting ones are more actionable, for example, orange and green, and likely to generate conversions. 

When creating your CTA, use words that prompt and inspire people to take a specific action. Usually, it means creating a sense of urgency. You can do this by employing strong command verbs, words, and numbers that provoke emotion, giving users a reason to take advantage of the action.

Research has discovered that people find buttons with rounded corners to be more clickable than sharp corners. But again, the size of your CTA is more important than its shape. At first glance, your CTA should stand out on your page. It is large enough to be comprehensible, but not too large that it will overwhelm your visitors and landing page.


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