There are a number of popular touch screen handsets that have rolled out of the mobile market. There is the N8, the HTC Desire, and the Samsung Galaxy S. These handsets offer the best the touch screen technology has to offer. However, they also come with a heavy price tag. Affordable is not in the vocabulary of these handsets. Thankfully, there is now a smartphone that comes with touch screen features and is at the same time affordable. This is the Nokia C5-03, and it now comes in white.

With the C5, you can stay close to people who count the most. On its home screen, you can create contact shortcuts of your best friend, mom, dad, your husband, your wife, and your children. You will never have to go through your phonebook ever again to give them a call, send them SMS, or send them an email. This will allow you to constantly show them how much they mean to you.

Maps have never been this easy on the C5. With Ovi Maps, you get to plot the best route from point A to point B. You get navigation voice instructions. You get to see places of interest in 3D. You get to use off-road navigation whenever traveling by foot. Lastly, you can share your location with friends and family on Facebook.

With the Nokia C5-03, you gain quick access to the internet. The smartphone allows downloads of up to 10.2 mbps and uploads of up to 2.0 mbps on a 3G network. If ever you want to access a hotspot, no problem. The phone comes with Wi-Fi capabilities that will allow you to access public hotspots or your personal home wireless network. There is more than one way to connect to the internet.

When photos and videos come to mind, the phone will not disappoint. It comes with a 5 MP camera and other image enhancing features like geotagging. This will allow you to upload photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube as soon as you are done capturing or recording. Multimedia will always be an upload away on the Nokia C5-03.

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