The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been voted by readers of T3 magazine in the UK as the phone of 2011; many may not see this as a great surprise considering the sales volumes of Samsung’s flagship phone but the statistics read differently with either Apple or HTC phones winning the award for the last 3 years.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 beat off stiff competition from its main rivals in the category of ‘Best Phone of 2011’ which included the obvious Apple iPhone 4 as well as the HTC Sensation, Motorola Atrix, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and HTC Incredible S.

The Galaxy S2 was marked high on its camera quality which comes in at 8 mega pixels (something Apple have only just integrated into their latest iPhone 4S model), its slick aesthetic appeal, its super bright Super AMOLED touch screen display and its easy integration with Samsung TV’s and other Samsung products.

Just taking a quick look at the runners up it is easy to see why Google and its Android operating system is starting to be the dominant choice over Apple’s iOS, of all 6 phones in the running 5 of them run on Android.

The Android OS is enjoyed for its open source policy with more and more applications making their way onto the Android Market for download, the recent updates to the system which is now in its 2.3.4 latest stage means that things like battery management has now been included as well as other new features.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has also now been released in the UK in a new white colour scheme in very much the same way that Apple made its iPhone 4 available in black and white, however the delay of the white iPhone 4 certainly did not help the manufacturer when it came to votes.

Apple have now released their new iPhone 4S which now matches the 8 mega pixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but it also features some now technology that we will no doubt be seeing in future releases from rival manufacturers such as the Galaxy S3.

The sheer speed, design and features of the Samsung Galaxy S2 won over the UK voters, this flagship device is still enjoying sales figure that outstrip every other handset available aside from the iPhone and when upgraded to the S3 edition could well be in for another award next year.

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