Pepsi Lost in Karak, an immersive haunted house experience


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Last 7 days, we visited Hauntu’s most current occasion, Pepsi Missing in Karak, created in collaboration with The Livescape Group and sponsored by Pepsi.

Hauntu, for people who really do not know, is an immersive and interactive haunted residence in Malaysia that gives one of a kind, episodic activities exactly where gamers are aspect of the forged. It’s the exceptional brainchild of Superdough, the dad or mum business that’s also guiding escape room manufacturer Breakout.

Seven of us from the Vulcan Write-up crew mustered up the courage to be a part of the experience, and we had been joined by a handful of more strangers, comprising two other duos and a solo participant whose pal had supposedly chickened out and deserted her.

Becoming briefed by a employees member and mentally making ready for the experience

Even though Missing in Karak is a minimal edition pop-up celebration from Hauntu, who knows whether or not this tale will be revisited in the long run. If so, beware: there may perhaps be some spoilers up forward.

A “night” of drama, tragedy, and scares

As for each the standard Hauntu practical experience, right before coming into the haunted house, we have been briefed by a team member on the general storyline and what we could assume. For Pepsi Missing in Karak, we ended up roleplaying as scientists whose principal objective is to find the get rid of for a deadly disease (AKA the pandemic).

The remedy lies in a pink flower in a village. But here’s the catch—it’s sacred to the village it’s in, and having it would end result in dire repercussions for the villagers, potentially primary to their mass demise. Hence, the determination and dilemma—to take the flower and preserve humankind at the cost of the village, or leave the flower for the village’s prosperity, and go away the rest of the entire world to squander away?  

When the briefing was over, it was time for us to start out earning bold conclusions. Scene a single took place inside of our corporation bus, which was cruising by means of the night together the quite dim Karak freeway, when all of a unexpected, BAM!

We crashed, and our hurt bus driver apologised profusely as he defined that he had been spooked immediately after looking at a tree-formed monster in the darkness. (Afterwards, we would discover this was Begu Rimba, the protecting spirit of the village.)

Not able to see considerably of anything at all outside the bus ourselves nonetheless, we were all straight away freaked out. It did not enable that we could hear random thumping on our bus every now and then, while the weather instantly adjusted.

Lights started to flash, and thunder rumbled. When we made use of a cellphone to get in touch with for assistance, the other man or woman on the line told us to find an important briefcase stowed on the bus.

This arrived at the charge of our bus driver’s loss of life, just after which we were only stranded on the bus.

Forgive us for the blurry photographs we took, we were in the center of crashing on “Karak Highway”

When we had been all at a loss as to what to do, a shadowy determine appeared outside the house our bus doors, and of course, we screamed.

Luckily, it turned out to just be a kinder indigenous of the village, Garhan, who brought us to his residence. Garhan had made a decision to enable us come across the flower, believing that it’s the superior of two evils, and sets up his preparations to guide us.

But his plans are foiled all much too quickly. An individual knocked on the door, and Garhan urgently asked us to conceal. It felt like a video match when my colleague and I slid underneath a table to cover from the cruel village head, Tok Rasne, and his henchmen, who began questioning Garhan on no matter if he was internet hosting suspicious visitors (us).

Though we understood we wouldn’t actually be “killed off” if we were being discovered, we however held our breaths as a single of them sat down proper subsequent to us. The suspense was actual.

Eventually, they appeared confident by Garhan’s defence and still left, but the second we crawled out of our hiding places, they threw his doorways open up yet again. We were rounded up, then forcefully taken away into the village centre.

Atop the village phase, Garhan was tied and speedily executed. Now left without our guide, we ended up helplessly led before the sacred tree, where the villagers commenced taunting us, when all of a unexpected, one of the participants experienced a meltdown. She acted practically as even though she had been possessed, hysterically screaming and lashing out.

The rest of us ended up fearful and bewildered, and even the villagers them selves ended up thrown into disarray. They made the decision to consider her away, various henchmen restraining her.

And then we have been left alone right before the sacred flower tree, essential briefcase in our hands. This was our opportunity to get a flower and shop it safely.

The villagers prior to the sacred flower tree / Picture Credit history: Hauntu

As the group did not have considerably time to explore among on their own what the ideal program of action is, one person’s selection to consider the flower basically drove the full story in a distinct path. It was eerily reminiscent of what genuine lifestyle is like too—one person’s action could have an affect on the total scenario, for much better or for even worse.  

In the close, we nevertheless obtained out securely, the flower treatment in our hand, but driving us, we had doomed a village to die, the rage of the Begu Rimba palpable as we ran off.

Admittedly, we did not make many bold decisions other than taking the flower, but we had been remaining with curious issues after the working experience. For case in point, if we experienced come to Garhan’s defence before on when we have been manufactured to hide, would that have changed the system of functions? What if some of us had boldly objected to getting the flower?

In the end, there is no genuine right or erroneous answer to any of Hauntu’s episodes, and Pepsi Shed in Karak was no unique. We had created our determination, and would have to reap the repercussions later on.

Convincing recreations of the outside, indoors

Currently being Hauntu’s initially go at building an outdoor established consisting of a chunk of highway (bus scene), village, and forest area (Garhan’s home, the execution stage, the sacred flower tree) we have to commend them on the quality.

In Garhan’s kitchen area / Graphic Credit: Hauntu

The spot was darkened sufficiently to mimic night time, and dazzling flashing lights made for convincing lightning. The seem system was placed strategically all over the set, surrounding us with an nearly-real looking atmosphere of the outside. Dried, crunchy leaves had been strewn on the ground even though environmentally friendly crops surrounded our sides, including far more realism.

1 thing I would recommend would be to probably make the fans a little bit a lot more concealed next time, maybe by the use of thicker foliage, to better immerse the players.

I liked how we could interact with the established although, these kinds of as in the bus with the home windows, and then afterwards in Garhan’s household, in which we ended up supplied the prospect to disguise in a variety of spaces. This made extra than just a stroll-through practical experience you had been element of the effectiveness and encouraged to perform together.

The lighting in the area was immersive as effectively

Props additional extra to the interactivity of the working experience. For case in point, the use of a cell phone to make a simply call after the bus crash helped notify players of what was occurring in a way that built feeling.

According to my colleagues who experienced been to Hauntu in advance of, the brand’s earlier sets might have been a little bit far more detailed, though possibly that’s due to the fact they were established in indoor environments.

Surprisingly persuasive performances by experienced creatives

But truthfully, the performances of the actors were really what bought the complete working experience. Their capacity to immediate and interact with the players when not breaking character was certainly intriguing. For case in point, when we ended up currently being taunted by Tok Rasne, some of us retorted with silly issues to consider and toss him off, but he just took them in stride and further more frightened us into submission.

Their performances have been no mere memorisations of a script they were fluid, adaptive, and impromptu. Oh, and did we mention, the villagers conversed among one particular another completely in a fictional tongue?

Of course, the Hauntu workforce produced a phony language, learnt it, and were in a position to execute their performances fluently in front of us. Which is how focused they are.

I was also particularly amazed with how they projected their voices and taken care of the stress of the scenes. There was no denying that these have been really passionate, innovative persons at their greatest overall performance.

Intricate costumes and props / Image Credit history: Hauntu

A person of the most unforgettable and, dare I say, legendary moments of the experience was when just one of our group members—the solo player—suddenly turned hysterical.

Possessing bonded with her via the trials of our haunted practical experience (no joke, she and I held on to every single other for fairly a although), I was incredibly worried at viewing her meltdown—until we realised it was all a component of the encounter. I was partly amazed, partly betrayed her act experienced been tremendous convincing.

Seemingly, I learnt from my colleagues that moles (phony gamers) were being indeed aspect of the standard Hauntu knowledge, but they themselves experienced forgotten about this fact and had been fully fooled by the team’s incredible performances.

When we ended up completed with the encounter and sharing our feelings with Ka Wai, co-founder of Superdough, we learnt that he, too, experienced been very well fooled by the mole when he did a test run of the sport!

It left us seeking extra

Popping out sensation more alive just after the occasion (left), our colleague Keegan bravely using the flower (correct)

A person detail that we all agreed on by the close of it was that by the time we ultimately felt absolutely immersed, it was now the stop. Since the practical experience only lasts for 30 minutes, matters do shift very promptly. The ending also felt a bit rushed for my liking, as there is not a great deal resolution—but that is why it’s a haunted dwelling, not a movie.

The game requires some determination-creating and interactivity, so if you are a shyer or quieter man or woman, you could possibly truly feel thrown off, particularly as your other group customers just take demand.

It was nonetheless a large amount of fun, even if we did not make totally daring conclusions. We’re just very pleased of earning it by way of with out embarrassing ourselves as well significantly.

With this as my to start with flavor of Hauntu’s creations, I can say boldly say I definitely search forward to the team’s future functions.  

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By diana

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