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Truck load boards are a way for truck drivers to find loads that they can take. These are usually referred to as the ā€œmatchmakerā€ of the trucking industry. They provide a way for shippers and carriers to easily find one another.

The amount of time that truck drivers spend on the road is staggering. It has been estimated that they spend about 70% of their time waiting for loads, which is where truck load boards come in handy. By using these you have saved millions of dollars by cutting down on wasted miles and idle time spent waiting at weigh stations and fuel stops.

What is a Truck Load Board?

It is a tool that allows drivers to find loads for their trucks. The load board software is the most important part of the trucking industry, as it provides transparency and efficiency.

It was invented in 1948 by an American Trucking Association committee led by Fred W. Smith, who would later found Federal Express (FedEx). The idea behind it was to make the freight transport market more efficient and transparent.

Truckload boards are usually online and provide information about where there are available loads for drivers to take on. They also tell how much they pay, what equipment is needed, etc. These can be either private or public and can be used by anyone with enough experience in the industry – from owner-operators to large companies like FedEx or UPS.

How do Truck Load Boards Work?

It is a great way to find out what loads are in demand and what trucks are available. 

These can be found online, in person, or by phone. Truck drivers post their available truck and load information to the board. It is also a great way to find out what loads are in demand and what trucks are available for hire.

The Benefits of Using a Truck Load Board

It is a marketplace where truckers and shippers meet to find freight opportunities. These boards provide a number of benefits to both shippers and truckers alike. For example, they can help shippers find the best freight rates possible, while also providing them with more control over their shipments. Truck drivers will also benefit from these boards because they can use them to find new opportunities that might not be available through other means. Stop travelling empty, you can always find available truck loads on these load boards.

Challenges with Traditional Load Boards and How Truckload Board Solves Them

The traditional truckload boards have many challenges that has solved with their innovative technology.

It is an online marketplace for truckers to find loads and shippers to find trucks, in real time. The company’s founders recognized a need for a more efficient way to connect drivers and shippers in the industry.

This innovative technology provides many benefits for both drivers and shippers. They are able to find each other easily, which reduces wait times for both drivers and shippers, as well as eliminates the need for phone calls or texts between drivers and shippers when they are looking for work or freight.

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