How To Choose the Best Domain Name in 2023 (7 Tips & Tools)

Whether you are a for-profit company or a blogger, using the right domain extension can set the best standard for the users to access your website. Imagine you search for a t-shirt and find a website with .org domain extension. You can make a logical leap that purchasing a t-shirt may help a non-profit business in some way (as .org is mainly used by charities and non-profits).

Though this might sound good at first, some people may find the domain extension use to be dishonest. 

Therefore, if you are creating a generic or ecommerce website, it is preferable to create a website with extensions like .in and .com. You can think of a suitable domain name and check its availability using tools like domain lookup.

.in is the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) for India. It became available in 1989, a few years after the generic TLDs such as .net and .com were made available. .in is administered by the NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India). If you want to target Indian audience, .in would be one of the best domain extensions for you.

Benefits of buying .in domain

A few of the various benefits of buying a .in domain are:

Local relevance: The .in TLD can add local relevance to your website and makes it clear that your business is either targeting the Indian market or is located in India. This can help you build trust with the Indian customers and increase the chances of these customers choosing your website over the others. 

Availability: Due to the popularity of extensions like .org, .com and .net, many domain names with these extensions may be already taken. In contrast, .in domain names’ availability is relatively high, giving you wider options to choose from. 

Protection of the intellectual property: .in domain extension can prove to be a valuable asset for the businesses operating in India. It can help them secure their business against cybersquatting or unauthorized use of their intellectual property.

Brand building: The .in domain extensions allow creating a brand that can be easily remembered and recognized by the Indian consumers. This is especially essential for the business looking to establish themselves in the Indian market. 

SEO Benefits: A .in domain name can help your website in ranking higher in the search engine results for the Indian users, making it simpler for them to find your website. 

Features of a .in domain

Registration requirements: For registering a .in domain, the registrant must have their business presence in India or should be an Indian resident or citizen

Registration process: The .in domain can be easily registered through any accredited domain registrars in India or abroad

Availability: Generally, .in domains are available for registration on a first-come first serve basis. 

Length: The minimum length for a .in is 2 characters and the maximum is 63 characters. 

Use: The .in domain is widely used by businesses, individuals, government agencies and organizations based in India.

Renewal: The .in domain can be renewed for a minimum of one year and maximum of 10 years.

Price: A .in domain’s price varies on the basis of the domain registrar and the registration’s length

WHOIS: The contact information of the .in domain registrants is available publicly through WHOIS database.


.in domain extension is a great option for the individuals and businesses planning to establish their online presence in India. It’s availability, local relevance, brand building, protection of intellectual property and the SEO benefits make it a valuable asset for people looking to target the Indian market.

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