Dedicated Server: 3 Ways it Can Help Your Business Blog
Dedicated Server: 3 Ways it Can Help Your Business Blog

A business blog not only improves your website’s ranking, but it also helps to market your business.  Once you have decided to set up a business blog, the next thing to do is choose a hosting plan. 

While it may be tempting to use free web hosting services, a dedicated server is even better. We give you three reasons why a dedicated server is better for your business blog.

Better security

A business blog is prone to cyber-attacks by hackers. It is also susceptible to malware. A simple DDoS attack can lead to your website crashing for an indefinite amount of time. This can not only impact your SEO and page rankings, but you can also lose customers, and the business can take a hit. Hence, security is essential for your business blog.

A dedicated server offers your business blog added levels of security. You can customise and fine-tune the security features to suit your needs as yours is the only website being hosted on the server. You can rest assured that you are protected from phishing attacks, DDoS and malware, provided your security is up to the mark. A dedicated server provides you with the best level of security, as compared to other web hosting solutions.

Better user experience

Faster page loading times and smooth interface make for a better user experience. Also, in shared hosting, if the server crashes due to a hacker attack or malware, you cannot do anything, other than informing your hosting provider and waiting for your website to be back online.

In case of a dedicated server, all this is in your hand. You can ensure that the latest updates and security patches are installed to ensure the security of the server. You can also make sure that the software is updated timely and malware and bugs, if any, are removed. All this contributes to a better user experience.

This may translate to improved SEO ranking and bring more traffic to your business blog.

Customisation options

In shared hosting, you share the server with other websites. Thus, you cannot customise the server to your requirement.

However, this is not the case with a dedicated server. It offers you myriad customisation options which you cannot find in shared hosting. Rather than being stuck with limited features and at the mercy of your web hosting provider, you can allocate the bandwidth to particular tasks, limit user’s access, and manage other technical aspects.

This ensures that you can install updates and security patches, allocate the server resources, and fine-tune several other aspects of the server to meet your needs.

All this can go a long way in retaining the visitors and keep them coming back for more.

A dedicated server is costly, but it does offer other benefits which you cannot find in shared hosting. It can improve search engine ranking and increase visitor traffic. All this translates to a better business. Hence, a dedicated server can give a significant boost to your business.

By diana

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