An easy way to find out soil moisture. Soil moisture meters is a measuring tool designed to test soil moisture by measuring the level of water content and soil pH.

Measuring tool with a simple and portable design will certainly be very easy for you to use and carry this tool for measurement in the field.

Besides this tool is also a measuring tool that uses analog operations that do not require the use of power or batteries. With 2 probes the tool will make measurements made with this tool quickly with accurate results.

An easy way to find out soil moisture

Soil moisture meters level tester is also very simple to use in measurement.
Here you only need to plug or stick the probe into the ground that will measure it.
Then the tool will calculate the moisture and pH of the soil.
The results of this measurement will be indicated by a tool needle that will show a certain number.

Although using analogous operating principles, this tool also has a good level of accuracy in its measurement.

In its application, this tool is widely used in agriculture, plantations, plant cultivation even for those of you who are just gardening hobbyists.
In this field, certainly, it requires good soil fertility conditions for the survival of plants.

With fertile soil, plants will certainly grow to the maximum and this will be greatly influenced by factors such as soil pH and soil moisture.
The humidity factor itself will be an indicator of the water content contained in the soil.
The land is a basic element that is inseparable in the world of agriculture.

Soil moisture

Without land it is impossible for us to grow rice, crops, vegetables, fruits, and forestry even though currently there have been many developed landless farming systems, such as Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and others, but if the cultivation of large scale plants is still more economical and efficient use land media.

Considering the important role of land in farming, the management of land for farming must be carried out as well as possible in order to maintain soil fertility.

Soils that meet the requirements for optimal plant growth must naturally have sufficient nutrients, containing much beneficial organic matter.

Originally fertile soil can be reduced by several factors.

One of them is the frequent use of the land without experiencing a process of rest. With our frequent use of the soil, the nutrients contained in it will gradually diminish.

Fertile and easy to cultivate soils greatly supports plant growth and development.

The soil has physical properties, biological properties, and chemical properties.

Physical and biological properties of the soil can be seen in plain sight and examined such as soil color, soil texture, soil density, soil temperature, soil structure, the number of microorganisms that live on the soil fungus and soil breathing.

Soil chemistry refers to the nature of the soil which has different degrees of acidity or pH


Soil moisture meters are an alternative easy way to find out soil moisture.
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