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Professional blenders are very popular and trendy these days. There are so many great ones that people can choose from both offline and online. Small handheld blenders or even commercial smoothie blenders are some of the best for purchase today. One should consider the type of business that you run prior to selecting a good blender. One may also want to consider the amount of time they will be using the blender.

One of the best features that most blenders have that make them so trendy is the fact that they offer programmable controls or timers. This alone makes blenders more efficient to use in bars and kitchens that are high-volume.

Trendy blenders also come in a wide variety of materials. Polycarbonate and stainless-steel blenders are available as well as copolyester and glass. For those looking for blenders that are easy to clean, they should consider stainless steel blenders. They are durable and good for foods that are of different temperatures. Polycarbonate blenders are a great option because they are unbreakable. These are good to have in the environment s that are fast-paced. Lastly, trendy blenders that are great for showing off in bar areas or cooking displays are made out of glass.

Capacity is another feature that makes blenders trendy. Whether one will be serving one person at a time or several, there are blenders that will meet their needs. Smaller blenders can hold anywhere between 32-44oz of capacity at a time. Larger blenders, on the other hand, can hold up to 128oz of capacity. There are even larger ones that can top out at 832oz. It really depends on the environment they are being used in.

Many blenders offer handles or no handles. Trendier blenders have no handles nowadays with the exception of larger blenders that do consist of handles. Larger blenders do contain handles to make it easier to lift and carry. For those looking for blenders that are easier to wash and stack, smaller blenders without handles are a great option.

Every professional blender today is also stackable. Several blenders are used in professional settings. To make them easier to store, they should be stackable. This can also save a lot of storage space. Blenders also feature graduation marks so that people are able to measure what it is in the jar itself. This saves both time and eliminates the need to keep washing measuring tools.

Another option that many professional businesses can use jars with fewer blenders. Commercial immersion blenders work best for processing large amounts of soft or liquid foods at one single time. There are not as many limits to the amount of food that can be processed at a single time since there is no jar.

Other features that make blenders trendy are the power and control. Some blenders have more power than others. It all depends on the application. For those looking to make smoothies that are rather thick, or even milkshakes, a blender with more power is beneficial. Less powerful blenders do better for making margaritas but can be just as trendy. Controls, on the other hand, make blenders easy to manage. High volume businesses can benefit from programmable controls because these are excellent timesavers. Electronic controls are perfect to gain more control over the blending cycle.

Being able to choose blenders that are made out of different materials as well as choosing blenders that can handle different capacity levels is what makes them so trendy today. Blenders can be found with or without handles and they can be found in a variety of power levels to suit professional and personal needs.

By diana

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