Top 9 blockchain platforms to consider in 2022


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Desire in blockchain platforms has been developing significantly as a way to streamline provide chains, improve traceability, simplify trade and strengthen economical transactions. A great deal of this desire commenced with the speculative frenzy encompassing Bitcoin, which is primarily based on an older blockchain system that faces issues with energy consumption and velocity.

Present day blockchain platforms have been developed to assistance prevail over these limitations and give practical price for other organization employs and applications. “We are viewing numerous enterprises undertake blockchain platforms for some of their application desires,” said Suseel Menon, senior analyst at Everest Team, an IT advisory organization.

Menon sees the most curiosity in areas that require multiparty cooperation or info exchange. Blockchain apps in supply chain tracking, trade finance, electronic assets and identity administration are going outside of the pilot stage. Menon is also seeing a reasonable bit of action in making use of blockchain platforms for building specified capabilities of ERP, such as seller administration and provide chain management (SCM).

Alex-Paul Manders, partner at Information and facts Solutions Group, an IT advisory business, mentioned the evolution of blockchain platforms to day has promoted heightened consciousness of decentralized finance, or DeFi, for driving new small business models that pose substantial threats to regular banking, finance and offer chain finance.

Alex-Paul MandersAlex-Paul Manders

Manders predicted that blockchain platforms could disrupt legacy source chain enterprises and technology processes. For example, U.S. needs for pharmaceutical organizations to track and trace goods and materials contact for a new method for source chain contributors to share and transact knowledge extra effectively and with far more transparency than beforehand required. Blockchain technological innovation could be the respond to.

In accordance to Menon, the leading 3 blockchain frameworks for these use circumstances are R3 Corda, Hyperledger and Ethereum, with EOSIO and Quorum gaining ground.

Listed here are 9 of the major blockchain platforms to take into consideration.

Suseel MenonSuseel Menon

1. Ethereum

Introduced in 2013, Ethereum is just one of the oldest and most proven blockchain platforms. It gives a really decentralized blockchain that is comparable to the Bitcoin blockchain network. Manders stated its essential strength is that it allows correct decentralization with support for intelligent contracts. Its essential weaknesses include gradual processing moments and bigger transaction processing charges compared to other platforms. Other than its purpose as a blockchain system that underpins business apps, it has its very own cryptocurrency termed ether.

The Ethereum system is observing prevalent adoption by technologists who make decentralized applications, or dApps, on the Ethereum community. For instance, there are many platforms and exchanges for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) — a type of digital asset that can be exchanged on a blockchain. It has a mature ecosystem of tools for crafting intelligent contracts making use of the Solidity programming setting, which runs on the Ethereum Virtual Equipment. Nevertheless, substitute blockchain networks can procedure transactions a great deal quicker at potentially lower value than Ethereum, while a lot of observers anticipate this to adjust right after Ethereum adopts a additional productive safety mechanism.

It also has an active developer neighborhood orchestrated by the Business Ethereum Alliance, which has a lot more than 250 users, together with Intel, JPMorgan and Microsoft.

The Ethereum group is in the approach of migrating from the current evidence of get the job done (PoW) consensus system to proof of stake (PoS), which is extra energy-welcoming. This migration has expected an elaborate process to spin up a individual, new style of blockchain called a Beacon chain that is being merged into the existing, principal Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum Basis approximated this will minimize electrical power use by 99.95%.

blockchain platform checklist
There are quite a few matters to take into consideration when picking out a blockchain platform, which include efficiency and cost.

2. IBM Blockchain

IBM Blockchain is a personal, decentralized blockchain community that has been the most productive with business customers who are less threat-averse, Manders claimed. He sees the most significant alternatives in working with it to connection into company cloud and legacy technologies additional seamlessly than is attainable in other decentralized networks.

The IBM Blockchain developer resource was developed to be flexible, useful and customizable. IBM has also invested in creating a person-pleasant interface to simplify important tasks, these types of as location up, screening and promptly deploying smart contracts.

Rakesh MohanRakesh Mohan

Rakesh Mohan, IBM director of development for blockchain solutions, said the business has noticed important development in monetary products and services and banking, as nicely as provide chain. Some illustrations of successful blockchain apps involve IBM Foodstuff Believe in, which has concluded additional than 18 million transactions symbolizing a lot more than 17,000 merchandise, and Blockchain Neighborhood Initiative in Thailand, which supports companies these as payment obligations and enterprise auctions for 22 Thai financial institutions.

3. Hyperledger Material

Hyperledger Material is a established of tools that assist create blockchain applications. Championed by The Linux Basis, it was constructed from the ground up with business distributed ledger employs in intellect. It has a rich ecosystem of components that can be plugged in to a modular architecture. It works very well in closed blockchain deployments, which can enhance stability and speed. It also supports an open sensible agreement product that can support numerous facts products, such as account and unspent transaction output, or UTXO, products (see sidebar).

Hyperledger Cloth can also strengthen facts privacy by isolating transactions in channels or enabling the sharing of non-public facts on a need-to-know foundation in private info collections. It also allows high-velocity transactions with lower latency of finality and affirmation, in accordance to its proponents.

Arnaud Le Hors, senior complex team member of blockchain and net open up systems at IBM who is also a member of the Hyperledger Specialized Steering Committee, explained the most recent developments add aid for an corporation to join a channel with out copying the entire historical past of the ledger. This enables a more quickly startup procedure with much less storage required. There is an lively and diverse community about Hyperledger Cloth that is doing work on introducing a lot more attributes associated to consensus algorithms, supplemental privacy possibilities for GDPR compliance and operational enhancements.

4. Hyperledger Sawtooth

A further open resource blockchain initiative hosted by Hyperledger and The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Sawtooth works by using a novel consensus system named evidence of elapsed time that can integrate with components-based safety technologies to empower “reliable execution environments” of application code to operate in protected enclaves, which are protected spots of personal computer memory.

Shawn AmundsonShawn Amundson

Shawn Amundson, CTO of Bitwise IO and Hyperledger Sawtooth maintainer, said the most frequent applications are for creating supply chain methods and customizing Sawtooth for particular needs, this kind of as novel consensus algorithms.

Do the job has started on a Sawtooth Library that will enable developers of custom distributed ledgers to decide and select which pieces of Sawtooth they use in their software. At the identical time, Sawtooth is adopting Splinter for networking, which will offer dynamic non-public circuits (teams of nodes) Hyperledger Transact for transaction processing, which will lengthen sensible contract capabilities and Augrim for consensus, which will increase the range of supported algorithms.

5. R3 Corda

There is some debate whether R3 Corda is technically a blockchain or an different kind of distributed ledger. It employs a novel consensus mechanism in which transactions are cryptographically linked but does not periodically batch many transactions into a block. Even the official Corda web-site describes it as “both a blockchain and not a blockchain.” One of the crucial benefits of this approach is that all transactions are processed in true time, which can improve efficiency compared to other forms of blockchains.

The R3 consortium has a solid next in the fiscal sector, because Corda delivers an appealing solution for fiscal transactions and wise contracts with robust safety. Foremost proponents involve Financial institution of The united states, HSBC, Intel and Microsoft. It supports resources that automate business enterprise logic that can execute throughout company boundaries. The group has also just lately introduced a complex preview of Corda Payments, which simplifies the approach for making distributed payment abilities into applications.

Manders stated Corda has a robust opportunity of turning out to be the de facto network of coverage-connected transaction processing. Nonetheless, it faces levels of competition from other federated blockchain networks that can process transactions faster and less expensive.

6. Tezos

In enhancement because 2014, Tezos is an older system that supports decentralized programs, wise contracts and novel financial devices, these kinds of as NFTs, which can be thought of as a modern-day variation on investing playing cards that are tied to electronic assets. The system supports a dynamically upgradable protocol and modular software program clientele that permit it to adapt to new utilizes. The Tezos community has been upgrading the system at a fast clip, with recent enhancements that have improved general performance and amplified the dimension restrict on clever contracts. It has also formulated instruments to assist automate the course of action of weaving NFTs into business provide chains.


The EOSIO blockchain system was 1st released as an open up supply challenge in 2018. It’s optimized for establishing decentralized apps and intelligent contracts. It uses a intricate consensus system dependent on PoS that presents superior functionality than older mechanisms, these as Ethereum, according to its proponents. It also contains guidance for a governance aspect for voting on variations to the platform.

Vital strengths involve rapidly transactions and state-of-the-art account authorization capabilities for deploying purposes. About 400 applications have been produced on the system, like identification management, SCM and gaming. The local community also presents various instruments for customizing blockchain implementations for various decentralized use instances in SCM, health care and DeFi.

8. Stellar

Stellar is a more recent blockchain platform optimized for several kinds of DeFi purposes. It works by using Stellar Consensus Protocol, which purportedly can pace the time expected to approach and finalize transactions on a public blockchain network. It also consists of security mechanisms for shutting out bad or questionable actors in a monetary transaction. It has been adopted by numerous companies for intercontinental trade and exchanging funds across borders. Illustrations of applications created on the Stellar blockchain include things like MoneyGram for income transfer, Circle for payments and treasury infrastructure, and Flutterwave for integrating payment processing into company programs.

9. ConsenSys Quorum

Quorum is a personalized model of Ethereum designed by money providers company JPMorgan. It takes advantage of the core get the job done on the Ethereum blockchain system and repackages it into a hardened ecosystem appropriate for banking institutions. It has been optimized to assist large-speed transactions amongst institutions these types of as banking companies and insurance policy organizations on a private community. It also provides different privateness enhancements to Ethereum to strengthen support for polices this sort of as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California.

ConsenSys purchased the Quorum platform’s mental residence assets from JPMorgan in late 2021 and integrated these into its individual operate to generate the ConsenSys Quorum open resource protocol layer. ConsenSys has positioned this giving as a way for enterprises to accelerate enhancement of enterprise programs that enhance other Ethereum-centered tools. The business delivers enhancement services for the merged platform to business shoppers, which includes JPMorgan and South African Reserve Financial institution.

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