Lead Generation is the process of collecting data and attracting the buyer’s interest in your service or product. To generate sales lead is not a single process, that is a combination of several approaches depending on the business type and skills. Finding a new strategy will take more time. So there are certain proven or tested methods for confidential lead generation.

Every business growth depends on sales and marketing. To generate sales lead we have to put more effort to find out the proper strategy for our business. Most of the marketers say generating leads is one of their top challenges. Your website has good traffic but there is no sale.

 Whatever the problem, here I mentioned some proven techniques which can apply to your business to increase your leads and sales.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the proven methods for lead generation and also the best strategy in this changing world. Marketers believe that email marketing rules are big assets to earn. An email has a better reach than social. The most beneficial in email marketing is we have a direct line to our audience compare with SEO and Social media. 

Email is a great way of storing your clients active and engaged with your service. It is not a channel for lead generation with its own, it’s still a necessary tool in our overall lead generation tactic and can increase ROI from other exercises. Remember, the more engaged your customers are with your service, the better their withholding and ability for using other services or products you offer. 

Email Marketing practices:

1.      Finding the right people

2.      Attractive subject lines – that will increase customers interest to open the email

3.      Segment the customer list based on interest

4.      Create a welcome template – help to automates your campaign

5.      Add an email signature to divert people to your landing page

The tools for email marketing will help to connect with leads already in your database and drag them back into your marketing lead gen funnel. This requires a solid relationship with the product or service team at your firm to make sure the timing and messaging are aligned.

Optimize Your CRM

Major firms generally use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to keep track of the information related to customers’ timekeeping notes on discussions, assessing leads based on buyer personas and helping monitor at particular intervals during the sales process. By using the CRM system (sorting and ranking process) we can able to identify the most trusted and conversion leads.

Sales depend on CRM to add buyers. Your customer relationship manager (CRM) is the principal database of buyer and prospect data required to close the sale and maintain your customers. Every year the customer database will get deteriorate and we have to update with recent information. It helps to cover all the targeted customers and increase our business leads.

CRM Optimization Process:

1.   Regular monitoring of database

2.   Use clean data & adding new elements on a regular basis

3.   Integrate both sales and marketing data

4.   Data Segmentation

Cold Calling

With traditional sales techniques, you’ve been taught to take the reigns of your cold calls. However, it’s critical to understand that this causes your prospect to feel controlled and pressured. And that’s a terrible experience for your prospect to experience.

You see; if you don’t fully involve the other person in the interaction, use the pressure to try to control the result. It is a form of subtle but very powerful control that creates excitement for both of you.

Less Stress Can Produce Better Insight

You’ll be surprised how relaxed and effective this can be. Completely eliminating all pressure from your cold calling conversations will open up a much more natural and effective way of interacting with your prospects. Don’t take much pressure on you because it can be a barrier to your success rate.

What I urge you to try on your next lot of cold calling is this, don’t think of them as a prospect, pretend it’s a friend you’re calling to ask out for a coffee and it doesn’t matter whether they say yes, no or don’t answer. Let go of any preconceived idea that there is a fit between what you’re offering and what their needs are. Call with the single-minded goal of “Helping” them, whether you make a sale or not.

Cold Calling Statements

Think About: “What are your thoughts around this?” or “Where should we go from here?”. Most salespeople at this point JUMP at trying to close them, so instead you can ask “Where do you think we might go from here?”

Soft Approach

This kind of approach is soft, open and spacious; it allows your prospect to know that you’re NOT trying to close them. But instead, you’re ALLOWING them to draw their own conclusion.

By letting the other party know that you’re not going to push them down a path their not comfortable with and that you’re allowing them to make their own decisions, then most of the time they’ll go with you.

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Be Updated with Latest Technique

When you are part of the internal Circle, you will know that the “techniques” that I teach for selling by phone are designed to spread conflict or pressure on the phone.

If you don’t have the philosophical and tactical skills to reduce the sales pressure, you enter a boxing ring in which you wear gloves and the other does not.

Receiving these successes will not be pleasant.


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