How to Secure Your Dedicated Server?

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Dedicated Servers sit right at the top of the pyramid in the world of web hosting. Dedicated Hosting is the first preference of businesses looking for a private and secure hosting server. A Dedicated Hosting Server not only keeps your website safe but also gives it a high-performance hosting environment. Security though is a subjective concept. The measures that could be secure for one website could not be enough for another. So how do we ensure that the security measures we implement are enough to safeguard our website? Here’s how you can secure your Dedicated Server.

1. Take regular backups

Backup is highly underrated as a security measure. A regular schedule of backups can save your site by restoring the latest data. Dedicated Server Hosting in India bundles a backup mechanism as a built-in service or as an add-on. You can back up your data at set intervals. A site which adds new data daily must be backed up at least twice in a week, preferably daily. It is best to automate your backups with tools like CodeGuard Website Backup so that it’s one less thing to worry about.

2. Keep your software updated

Software is the brain of your hosting. In the course of its development, some vulnerabilities may creep in inadvertently. These vulnerabilities are patched as and when they are discovered via updates. In addition to patching vulnerabilities, updates also bring along a lot of performance enhancements. These two factors make updates very important. It is up to you to update the software on your Dedicated Server as and when the updates are available to download and install.

3. Implement a strong password policy

A security system is as strong as its weakest link, and password is often the weak link that could bring your website down. Most website owners do not even bother to change the default passwords of their hosting system. This is dangerous. But even more dangerous is the weak passwords that are based on some obvious milestones like birthdays or anniversaries. Even worse are the passwords that use predictable sequences. Implement a strong password policy on your server, which includes changing default passwords, choosing strong passwords and changing them at set intervals.

4. Avoid dicey networks

Sometimes the danger comes from the most unexpected of places. The free public wi-fi networks are tempting to use. They are free, after all. But all these networks are unsecured. If you use one such network to log into your Dedicated Server, you’re courting disaster. Anyone can hijack your data with a Man-in-the-Middle attack and steal important data like passwords and financial details. Avoid logging into your server from public networks.

Opt for Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

If you think that you may not be able to secure your server against all the threats it faces, it is best to let the experts handle it. Not every business has the in-house expertise to handle hosting, and neither can all businesses afford to set up a Dedicated Server management team. In such a case, choose fully Managed Dedicated Hosting, and your hosting provider will ensure your website’s security.

Follow these Dedicated Server security tips and protect your website against the dangers that threaten its security.

You can also check out the following video for a quick look into Dedicated Server security:


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