Why you should invest in an electronic sit-stand desk

Have you ever wondered why life expectancies of people all over the world are reducing? As funny as it might sound, technology and the easier ways of doing things are contributing significantly. With technology, several things that we are supposed to exert some energy into doing are done automatically. We no longer need to walk long distances or even short distances as we could easily drive down. We no longer have to wash clothes and dishes as we could put them in a machine and a single or few punches here and there will get the job done. The implication is that some of the activities that would have made us exercise a bit are now done without those exercises. In the end, we are generally less active. Since the body is designed to be significantly active every single day, we start to die slowly and only get to find out when it is too late.

The damage being done by technologies making us significantly less active is now being noticed by scientists and health practitioners. They are now trying to find ways to make some amends. Hence, they are now also producing products that could make us more active. One of such products is the electronic sit-stand desk.

The electronic sit-stand desk is a type of desk that can be plugged to light and adjusted by pressing a button to a height where we can stand and use it or a height where we can sit and use it. This implies that we can seamlessly and comfortably switch between sitting and standing while using the desk without worrying about how to increase or reduce the height of the desk. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in the electronic sit-stand desk.

Encourages healthy habits
Many people’s life today revolves around waking up, freshening up and sliding into their car, sliding out of their car and into their office where they have to sit and work all day, sliding out of the office into their car, sliding out of their car into their living room to sit and watch television, and then sliding into their bedroom to rest for the day. Hence, they spend about more than 23 hours out of the daily 24 hours on their sits or their bed. The remaining less than 23 hours is for bathing and short movements when they are forced to stand up to get something or use the toilet. This type of lifestyle is believed to reduce the lifespan of an individual by up to 20 years. With the electronic sit-stand desk, people can consciously develop the habit of standing up and working from time to time. They might decide that for every hour, they would spend 40 minutes working while sitting down and 20 minutes working while standing. Continuously doing this for a few months and they will get used to it. You might want to consider patronizing reliable office furniture stores and home stores to get your fit-stand desk.

Enhancement of productivity
The electronic sit-stand desk can enhance productivity. Many people, after sitting down for long hours get tired and their productivity reduces. They might even start to feel back pains and body pains. With the sit-stand desk, whenever they are tired of sitting, they could stand, adjust the desk accordingly and continue working. When they want to sit back, they adjust the chair accordingly and sit back. This could help to reduce tiredness and body pains, hence encouraging them to work more.

Cons of the sit-stand desk
The major con of the sit-stand desk is the price of getting the desk. It is more expensive than getting a normal desk. However, most of those who have used the desk have extolled the positive features, with most believing it works the price.

You will also need to connect to electricity to use the adjustable height. Hence, it might not be appropriate for outdoor use, especially where is no source of power readily available.


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