60+ Link Building Techniques You Should Try in 2020

Link Building Techniques can help you grow your brand and be recognized by more audiences. Getting more audiences means getting more engagement from people who are interested in your products or services. Almost all business owners, individuals, or companies are now building their websites since getting into the internet can make them have more viewers compared when using the traditional ways of marketing. Once they have a website, optimizing it can help them grow their audiences and one way to do this is making link building strategy. 

Types of Link Building

Link Building SEO

Using SEO when link building is important since this is a way to have your website be discovered by viewers. SEO is helpful in getting on the top of searches which simply means more audiences. White hat link building can also be used to get a better result. If you need a white hat link building service, some companies or individuals can cater to your needs, you can look for them on the internet. 

 Find Complementary Business and Backlink Building

Approach your acquaintances who have a business related to yours, the ones that don’t compete with you of course. Ask them to include backlinking your websites on their publications or websites. This way can be beneficial to both of you especially if your products support each other. For instance, clothing stores would be willing to palace your backlinks in their articles posted on their websites if you are promoting bags and shoes. There are always companies who can help each other since their products complement each other. 

Use the Power of Social Media 

Almost all people have social media accounts and each person working in your company has one. Why not start introducing your company to your friends and acquaintances by putting your company website link in your social media account for everybody to click. Use social media that are commonly used around your area if your target audience is local and if international pick social media platforms that are used by most people. 

Maximize Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn focuses on business and company profiles, putting your link here can help with your branding since most people who will view your website will be people who are into business. Sometimes business-minded people are more open when it comes to looking into websites for opportunities or simply because they are interested in your services and products. 

Post on Public Sites 

Sites are created by groups to disseminate information or simply to gather groups of people with the same interest. Make use of these sites to optimize your link building. There are a lot of sites that are open for everyone to post their company information, look for these sites and build your links here so people can recognize your company. 

Use Link Building Guide

Be familiar with your competitors and check on the sites where they usually have their links posted. Know your competitors and you can make a better offer or idea to attract more viewers to be directed to your website. 

Go for Guest Blogging Links 

Blogging has become popular in getting people’s attention to read whatever is written on the internet. Bloggers are interesting since they usually have a story to tell. Use this to your advantage by making a blog about your company and present it to bloggers who are willing to publish it for you. This can be a good way of quality link building. 

Go to Q&A Sites 

On this site, viewers are from all walks of life who want to know more information about a certain topic. Make your Question & Answers that you think are relevant for the site so you can get the viewer’s attention then simply insert your link. If you are able to answer the questions that viewers are looking for this will be your gateway to high-quality link building. 

Link building is a big challenge for companies who need to establish their brands but if they will use all the available link building techniques, a company can find a way to be known to their target audiences. You can simply start with SEO and link building then discover more techniques on how to grow your audiences. 

By diana

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