One of the leading Smartphone manufacturers, Apple, is indeed hell bent on dominating the Smartphone market. One would expect them to at least hold off on manufacturing a new phone so soon after their last release. Well, it seems that is not part of their ethos. Only 6 months after iPhone 5 was released, fresh rumors were hitting the market that a new iPhone was in the process of being manufactured. If this rumor was true then the most probable phone to expect is iPhone 5S. This assumption is largely based on their past trend of releasing the ‘S’ range soon after the original model.

The rumors are not all centered on iPhone 5S, there are some who believe that Apple is working on iPhone 6. This is not impossible as it would be an appropriate response to Samsung’s Galaxy S4. However, iPhone 5S is the more likely of the two. As it was in the previous ‘S’ phones: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, the changes that would be made to the phone are not drastic enough to deem it a new phone altogether. iPhone 5S should have a few hardware improvements and some software tweaks but nothing too major.

iPhone 5S: Release Date

Rumors concerning the release date of iPhone 5S are all over the place with some saying that we should expect a spring 2013 release and some arguing that it will be much later than that. The most consistent rumor, and this is what we can bank on, is that iPhone 5S will be released in 2013. Some of the sources are claiming that the manufacturing process of iPhone 5S began in March, and as such we should expect a June release.

iPhone 5S: Display

Apple is going to fit a Super HD screen on iPhone 5S, and according to the China Times, it will also feature a ‘Touch on Display’ with a 10-Point multi touch panel. It should, however, be noted that China Times have not always hit the mark with their speculations.

iPhone 5S: Design

As earlier noted, the design of iPhone 5S is not expected to veer so much from the course taken by iPhone 5. The chassis is definitely going to be the same, unless Apple has a wild card up their sleeves which is somewhat unlikely.

It has however been rumored that Apple are seeking to procure a cheaper plastic from their usual preference. This, of course, is set to reduce the cost of the phone they would be making. There are, however, rumors that suggest that this move has nothing to do with iPhone 5S. In fact, many are of the belief that Apple are working on a cheaper brand dubbed iPhone Math. The story is that this phone is designed to cater to the needs of a different market base for Apple’s usual customers.

iPhone 5S: Camera

iPhone 5S will feature a 13MP camera and a bigger and brighter flash. This is according to the update received on iLounge earlier in the year. This update is a significant step from the 8MP on iPhone 5, but it will not wow many people as we have already seen a similar feature on Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One.

iPhone 5S: NFC

In the past, many analysts have said that Apple will eventually make the switch to NFC and Apple has proved them wrong every time. In fact, iPhone 5 featured passbook which is an almost similar feature. Nevertheless, rumors now suggest that Apple will make the switch with iPhone 5S.

In addition to the NFC, it is expected that iPhone 5S will incorporate a finger print scanner in iPhone 5S. This rumor is backed by Apple’s move of purchasing the mobile security firm AuthenTec. The fingerprint scanner is a feature that was expected to be on iPhone 6 but we might see an early test run on iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S: Software

According to some sources, Apple has already started testing iOS 7 on some devices. Therefore, we could expect a pleasant surprise on iPhone 5S as the Smartphone could run on iOS 7.

iPhone 5S: Wireless Charging

Rumor has it that Apple has had a breakthrough in the wireless charging technology as they recently filed for a patent on the same technology. Therefore, we could expect iPhone 5S to feature wireless charging which would be super convenient.

While these rumored could as well be unfounded, stay tuned to get the latest rumors on iPhone 5S.

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