Apple is still on top of the smartphone wars with its newly released iPhone 4S. You might be wondering why they are calling it 4S instead of iPhone 5. Well, maybe Steve Jobs was worried they might run out of numbers when they release powerful gadgets in the future. Nevertheless, the 4S is quite a formidable foe to Windows, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones. Here are a couple of reasons why.

The A5 Chip, or rather, the A5 super chip, is the best thing that ever happened to smartphones. It is a dual-core processor that gives you that speed, power, and efficiency that has never been achieved before in any smartphone, at least not in this level.

Everything about the 4S is perfect (until of course, another better iPhone comes out), including the performance, camera, 1080 high-definition video, and the Siri Intelligence, You do not want anything less.

You can literally feel the difference with the 4S, down to the very touch. What you like about the product is that the sensitivity and response of the touchscreen is unlike any other versions you encountered in the past. Nice and accurate, I find the responsiveness ideal especially when playing games or type messages on the screen. You hate those times when you die or lose control of the games you play on smartphones because of the lack of accuracy of the touchscreens.

You also fall in love with the camera. You will forget that you are actually holding a PHONE and not a stand-alone digital camera when you use the 4S camera. The 8 megapixels alone should ring a bell and you know that this camera is no joke. Engineered with new optics that is very professional especially with lighting, you are given the chance to shoot high-quality photos and pretend to be a pro with the kind of results you get. The f/2.4 aperture allows more light to enter, giving you sharper and brighter images.

Steve Jobs really focused a lot on the camera for the iPhone, because the image signal processor from the A5 chip gives you the freedom to explore the focus, depth, and exposure of your shoot. Interestingly, the same feature is found on high quality DSLR cameras. The image signal processor allows the iPhone 4S to shoot photos faster without losing the quality of the images you get. You do not even have to worry about storage, even if you love taking hundreds of pictures because the iCloud is available.

Remote storage and file management is now available through the Apple iCloud. Here, you can store all the music, photos, documents, apps, and even make a photo streaming. The feature allows 4S users to hook into the iCloud, a remote and secure place where they can store their data. This feature is exclusive for Apple users.

Overall, the iPhone 4S is more than just expanded memory. Everything about the 4S is speed, efficiency, and convenience. The powerful A5 chip makes all of these possible. Most of all, you will love the new camera.

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