How Do You Secure a Dedicated Server?

Some prominent reasons businesses lose their data are hardware failures, theft, hacking or human error. Remember, all it takes is one data breach that can result in complete or partial data loss.

But wait. You can largely prevent this issue by regularly backing up the data stored on your dedicated server. The data can be stored on an external device or a different server. Many website providers and web hosts also offer automatic backup services under their managed plans or as an added feature. 

Read on to learn the importance of dedicated server backups for your business. 

What is a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical server isolated for a single customer. Unlike shared or VPS hosting, where multiple users share the same physical server, dedicated server hosting offers the customer the physical server in its entirety for their use. 

Types of Dedicated Server Hosting Backups

Importance of Dedicated Server Backups

  1. Dedicated servers are considered the most secure, powerful, and robust web hosting servers, providing an optimal solution for backing up your website data.
  2. A dedicated server hosting backup duplicates your website data and stores it in another server location, which allows you to retrieve the data in case of emergencies like data loss. 
  3. Data Losses can take place either accidentally or can happen due to human errors.  So it is essential to keep the latest version of your website data or have a highly accessible backup plan that can be used at the time of disaster. 

Types of Dedicated Server Hosting Backups 

  • Cloud Backup 

Generally, cloud backups are considered a secure way to store website data and protect it against online threats. However, cloud backup is only essential if you have less data to back up and fast and stable internet connectivity. 

Cloud backups are also only feasible if your dedicated server does not have a massive amount of data that needs to be transferred. 

  • cPanel Backup

cPanel is a user-friendly control panel for dedicated server hosting that comes with an automatic backup option for your website. From the cPanel menu, you can effortlessly back up your website data and determine where to store it per your needs and requirements. It is essential in cases when a simple backup solution is needed. 

  • Application Backup

These are efficient backup solutions that exist today. Apart from backing up and safeguarding your data, it eliminates your workload and improves efficiency. Application backups quickly restore your data in case of server failure, and this is considered to be a good option if you have the desire to back up your dedicated server. 


It is essential to safeguard your digital resources so that future losses can be avoided. Reliable data backup is one way to ensure this, and it is also a feature to look for to ensure you get the best dedicated server hosting package. 

Moreover, regularly backing up the data on your dedicated server helps to keep your data safe, which allows you to focus on other core aspects of your business activities. So, when you buy a dedicated server ensure you are regularly backing up your data to prevent any permanent data loss.

By diana

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