All You Need to Know About Linux Web Hosting

Web hosting has undergone several changes over the last few years. Starting with Dedicated Server and Shared Hosting, the choices have now grown to include VPS Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Even technology has improved drastically, making the Internet the actual superhighway of information. But what hasn’t changed are the operating systems these web servers run.

Linux and Windows still power an overwhelming majority of web servers in the world. Among the two, Linux holds a slight edge due to its open-source nature and easy configurability. Any website hosting powered by Linux OS is known as Linux Web Hosting. In fact, Shared Linux Hosting is probably the most popular form of web hosting. Most site owners prefer Linux Hosting with cPanel due to its versatility.

Here’s everything you need to know about Linux web hosting to help you understand it better.

Why Linux Web Hosting?

Linux business hosting  runs on the Linux Kernel. Found in the main part of the OS, it enables users to control different aspects of the system such as hardware interfaces, process control, file system and OS security. It can also be modified and tailored to cater to specific requirements due to its open-source credentials. Linux supports a variety of programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby. Linux hosting allows you to control your website using the cPanel.

Benefits of Linux

  1. It allows for greater customisations since its source code is freely available.
  2. Linux does not charge any licensing fees, so it reduces the overall cost of hosting your website.
  3. Linux has more robust security measures which makes it especially ideal for Shared Hosting.
  4. Linux has a global developer base which makes it a stable and reliable operating system.
  5. Linux is a light OS and offers faster and better performance than some other operating systems.
  6. It is easy to use and features an extremely user-friendly interface.

What is cPanel?

Shared Linux Hosting uses the cPanel control panel which provides users with a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI). It offers automation tools that simplify day to day server administration tasks. It is also the control hub of your site that lets you handle server management, and new app installs in addition to user access control. It supports numerous tools and application-based software such as Apache, PHP and MySQL along with email-based support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP services.

What is Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel?

Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel is the lowest-priced Shared Web Hosting service offered by any hosting provider. It is specifically meant for small businesses and startups, whose websites need minimum resources and do not expect high traffic. But it does not compromise on functionality as it comes with a cPanel. It is also an ideal hosting solution for businesses testing the waters and who are unsure of their online plans.

Even though newer forms of hosting will continue to be developed, Linux Web Hosting is here to stay. It is a mature hosting platform which has years of bug-fixing and development backing it. It gives your website a strong start with a robust, easy-to-use and dependable web hosting platform.


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