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When organizations set out to take their business online, the first and the most important thing to do is design a website. A website showcases all of the products and services offered by the enterprise in a sophisticated and organized way. However, just creating a website doesn’t do good. One would need to host the website over the web to make it visible to the end-users. There are multiple types of hosting, entrepreneurs could consider. Starting with Shared Hosting to Dedicated and VPS Servers, organizations have ample choices. 

Recently, Cloud Hosting has taken over the hosting industry by storm. Owing to its lower cost and optimized functionality, more and more organizations are seen shifting their business website to the Cloud Server Hosting. Here again, there are thousands of service providers offering exceptional services, but not all seem legit. The key lies in selecting the right provider. Here are four things every entrepreneur must consider before collaborating with Cloud Hosting Provider in India.

Things To Consider Before Selecting Cloud Hosting Service Provider

  • Security: The security, whether on a dedicated infrastructure or on a shared ecosystem, is of paramount importance. When it comes to Cloud Hosting, the stakes are even higher. Before finalizing on the service provider, it is desirable that organizations are clear on the security terms. Asking the provider about the measures they undertake to safeguard the system helps remain on the safe page. Analyse the security tools that the provider offers with the Cloud Hosting plan. Also, it is expected that organizations keep a check on the security laws and policies adopted by the provider. One that offers a much more secure infrastructure is worth the investment. 
  • Scalability: It is a known fact that Cloud Hosting allows organizations and enterprises to scale as per their needs. For instance, enterprises can start with a basic Cloud Hosting plan and if the demands exceed, seamlessly scale up the resources to meet the needs, without disrupting the business operations. Thus, it is imperative to know if Cloud Hosting providers offer scalability with their plans or not.
  • Control Panel Access and Technical Support: Even though the Cloud Hosting providers offer seamless support services, it is desirable that the providers offer a control panel for simplifying your website management. Go for a provider that offers pre-integrated control panels like cPanel or Plesk with their Cloud Hosting plans. In addition to the above, it is expected that the service providers offer round the clock assistance and support. Providers that offer 24×7 dedicated live assistance are a better pick.
  • Hardware Support: As Cloud Hosting eliminates the need to set up hardware within the organization, entrepreneurs are worried whether the same provided by the providers are up to the mark. It is advised that organizations get into a conversation with the service providers to know what hardware they use and whether it implements the technical specifications needed to run the website.

Final Word

While hosting a website might seem an easy job, one wrong decision could be the end of a business. Hence, it is critical to determine your hosting requirements, research the best Cloud Hosting providers in India, assess their offerings and then make the best choice that fulfils all your hosting requirements.

By diana

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